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Loftie Alarm Clock: Black

Product Description

Get to sleep faster when you kick your smartphone out of the bedroom and snuggle up with our awesome music, meditations, and bedtime stories, playable right from the device.

Get the rest you deserve with all the white noise and nature sounds you could dream of, plus a gentle nightlight when you need it.

Wake up refreshed with a two-phase alarm that mimics your body’s natural waking process and features refreshingly non-alarming alarm sounds.

  • Two-phase alarm that first brings you out of sleep, then lifts you back to consciousness.
  • Customizable alarm tone, volume, and day of the week settings.
  • High-quality white noise machine and nature soundscapes.
  • Updatable wellness content, including breathwork, sound baths, and guided meditation.
  • Bluetooth speaker to enjoy your own music and other audio content.
  • Adjustable nightlight provides a warm glow and scares away monsters.
  • Sleep timer and blackout mode for your perfect sleeping environment.
6.5 x 2.7 x 2.7 in.

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