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CH-8 Olga

Product Description

Meet Olga, the Russian contralto - one of 8 singing wooden dolls that make up the teenage engineering choir. Made from solid beech with an internal speaker module, each doll can perform pre-composed music or be controlled by midi keyboard, singing solo or with up to 15 of their fellow choral singers through Bluetooth Low Energy signal.

  • Vocal range: contralto
  • The wood pattern is unique to each doll
  • 3-4 hours of continuous singing time
  • Can be paired with OP–1 field, OP–Z, and any other midi keyboard, and ortho remote for start/stop and volume control
  • Dimensions: 7.9 x 2 in. 

About teenage engineering choir:
The choir is eight wooden dolls, made to serenade you with a repertoire of choral classics as well as perform your own original compositions through midi over Bluetooth Low Energy. Each member has their own characteristic vocal range. individually one can sing a dynamic solo, together they perform an immersive a cappella concert. The choir is inspired by the original Absolut choir.

Based on cultures and characters from across the world, every doll is unique and has its own vocal tonality. While each is given their own voice type, a single doll can customize their vocal range to sing a dynamic solo performance. When more than one member of the choir are placed together, in any combination, they communicate with each other, and recognize the choral members in range, joining in a full choral experience.

Learn more about teenage engineering choir.

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