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A6 Stone Paper Sketchbook

Product Description

This hardcover sketchbook is perfect bound, laying flat for drawing and sketching at any angle, even for lefties. Each sheet is made from our durable and water-resistant stone paper, allowing you to use any medium, wet or dry. Equipped with 240 gsm stone paper, this A6 Sketchbook is a jack-of-all-trades, allowing you to hone your skills in both wet and dry mediums. Made with a unique stone paper material, these pages are absolutely waterproof, guaranteeing zero-bleed through, even with wet mediums like watercolor.

Karst paper is made without cutting, transporting, or pulping trees, they also save on energy and thousands of gallons of water usage, making Karst paper’s carbon footprint 60% smaller for the same amount of wood-pulp paper.

  • 96 blank pages
  • 200-micron thick paper (equivalent to 240gsm)
  • 100% recyclable material
  • No bleed-through of ink through paper
  • Suitable for wet and dry mediums
Size A6: 4.1 x 5.8 in.

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