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Growmeo x SFMOMA Living Wall

Product Description

To order Growmeo™ please contact Customer Service by phone, live chat, or email: 

Meet your new best bud. This exclusive SFMOMA Living Wall Edition of Growmeo™ is a living wall system designed to bring the outdoors in to any home or office with low light exposure. 

Designed by the same experts at Habitat Horticulture who built and maintain the SFMOMA Living Wall, Growmeo is an instant flush of greenery and grows where you need revitalizing plant life the most. The plant-by-pocket system uses Habitat Horticulture's signature geotextile called Growtex™ made from 100% recycled water bottles.

  • Low maintenance self-watering system 
  • No Plumbing or electrical needed 
  • Compact and aesthetically versatile
  • One gallon water reservoir keeps plants hydrated for up to 3 weeks 

This "Low Light" Growmeo is intended for use if your wall gets no direct light at all. If your wall is too dark, though, supplemental lighting must be used. Habitat Horticulture provides in-depth information on required light levels.

Each Growmeo™ Living Wall panel is custom-built after you place your order, and ships within 3 weeks, fully-planted and ready to hang. Please allow up to 5 weeks to be delivered. *Shipping only within the contiguous United States.

Please note: this item is excluded from the 20% Member Promotion, 10% Member discount still applies.

*Please note* Growmeo purchases are individually made to order and are non-returnable. In the event that your order is received damaged, please save all original packaging and contact us at or call 415.357.4035.  

This SFMOMA Living Wall assortment of plants includes: 

  • Philodendron cordatum, Heart Leafed Philodendron 
  • Asplenium nidus, Bird's Nest Fern 
  • Nephrolepis obliterata'Jester's Crown', Jester's Crown Fern 
  • Phlebodium aureum, Blue Star Fern 
  • Peperomia obtusifolia, Baby Rubber Plant 
  • Ficus repens, Creeping Fig 
  • Philodendron 'Birkin', Philodendron 'Birkin', 
  • Asplenium bulbiferum 'Austral Gem', Austral Gem Fern 
  • Chamaedorea elegans, Neanthe Bella Palm 

Weight: Approximately 25 lbs with water in reservoir 
Dimensions: 24 in. high x 26.5 in. wide x 4.6 in. deep 
Plant Pockets: 8 pockets 

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Please contact us by phone at (415) 357-4035 or enter your email address below.

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