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OJAS Artbook JBL Shelf Speakers: Set of Two

Product Description

Complete finished pair of OJAS Artbook JBL Shelf speakers, ready to plug into your power amp and enjoy. Pewter Gray finish.

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OJAS is the creative pen name of Devon Turnbull. As a university student studying Audio Engineering he started using the name across a variety of disciplines including graffiti, music, graphic design and clothing design. In 2003 Turnbull co-founded the clothing brand Nom de Guerre with Isa Saalabi, Wil Whitney and Holly Harnsongkram. For the next decade, while primarily working in fashion, the name OJAS was kept alive on sound sculptures Turnbull was crafting for himself and a growing number of audio enthusiasts around the world. With a particular interest in high efficiency speakers and low powered tube amplifiers, OJAS audio equipment aims to bring realistic, natural sound to the listener. These products are the result of two decades of experimentation, engineering and explorations in the audio underground.

OJAS Artbook Shelf Speaker with JBL 328c 8" Coaxial Unit

Passive speaker. Recommended amp power 3 - 100 watts

16” h x 14” w x 12.5” d

Frequency Response*: about 40 Hz - about 18 kHz

Sensitivity: 96 dB

Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms (minimum 6 ohms)

Recommended Power: 3-100 watts

Please note: this item is excluded from any discounts.

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