Designed by Alice Min Soo Chun

Invented by Alice Min Soo Chun, the SolarPuff is a solar-powered inflatable light designed to provide an affordable and renewable light source to disaster-relief victims.

SolarPuff arose from the necessity for lighting in the wake of the devastating Haitian earthquake in 2010. Designer Alice Min Soo Chun built the basic prototypes for what would become SolarPuff and sent them to Haitian children in need of light for studying and basic safety.

SolarPuff provides flexible, portable lighting that’s great for camping, outdoor entertaining and emergency kits. Purchase of the lights allows SolarPuff to subsidize jobs and provide lights in under-served communities worldwide.

The SolarPuff boasts 90 lumens and can fully charge in the sun in 8 hours lasting for 8-12 hours of light. If you only get to charge it for 5 hours it will still last for 5-8 hours of light.

10 LED (60 lumen at low, 90 lumen at high)
Battery: Lithium Polymer
Size: 4 1/3" cube (when opened) Flat packs to 0.25" and can fit in any back pocket.
Weight: 2.6 oz
Material: PET, water resistant, recyclable
Settings: Push Button 1x for low setting, 2x for high setting, 3x for blinking or distress setting.

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