Pulcina Espresso Maker

Designed by Michele De Lucchi for Alessi

This espresso coffee maker is the product of intense research into the optimization of the shape of the pot in order to improve and enhance the coffee.

A revolutionary design, Pulcina derives its name from the bulbous internal shape normally hidden from view. Thanks to its specially-designed heat chamber, Pulcina automatically stops filtering the coffee at exactly the right moment. This interruption helps to eliminate the "eruption" phase (the final filtering stage that generates a burnt and bitter aftertaste) ensuring that only the finest qualities of the coffee are preserved and enhancing its full-bodied and rounded aroma. The spout is quite pronounced. Its typical 'V' shape, reminiscent of a baby chick’s beak, is specially designed to perfectly cut drops when pouring.

Practical and functional, making coffee with the Pulcina is just like making it with a traditional coffee pot.

Sculpted from cast aluminum. Capacity 10.5 oz.

Suitable for gas and electric stove-tops; not suitable for induction cooking.

4.75" x 8" x 10.75"

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