We Are Shapes

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By Melinda Beck.

This clever board book teaches a dual lesson: as children are introduced to shapes, they are also taught interpersonal development. An adorable cast of characters - square, rectangle, triangle, circle, but also squiggly and lumpy - come together to build a house. Each shape contributes its unique quality, and collectively they achieve something that they could not do alone.

Visually inspired by the children's books created by Russian Constructivists, this charming book teaches young readers everywhere that we are far stronger together than alone.

Melinda Beck was an animator, illustrator, and designer for 15 years at Nickelodeon, the most popular children's network in America, where her work was enjoyed daily by millions of viewers.

Board Book, 32 pages, 2022. 

16 color illustrations

7.6 x 5.8 in.

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