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To Make

Product Description

This debut picture book from author Danielle Davis and illustrator Mags DeRoma celebrates the joys and rituals of the creative process. 

To make . . . a cake, a garden, a song, you first gather, then make—and wait. To make a story (like this one), you gather, make, wait.
To make anything—big or small—it will take some time.
You may have to gather more,
make more,
and wait a little more,
but you can create wonderful things
if you just gather,
and wait.

Danielle Davis and Mags DeRoma deliver a gentle, lyrical story about the spirit of collaboration and its role in creating meaningful work, and the emphasis on patience as part of the process. Perfect for young makers everywhere, this picture book uplifts young creators to persevere and keep going. 

Hardcover, 48 pages, 2022.

11 x 9 in.

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