Station Money Clip: Vapor Bronze

Designed by Hunter Craighill.

A sleek new home for your cash and cards, the Station Money Clip is light, springy, and low-profile. Titanium is used for its airy feel and incredible strength and durability. In order to increase the spring strength, a process called "annealing" enhances the clip's ability to grip its contents securely.

The contour allows the clip to sit flat in your pocket, reducing potential discomfort. Named for the Old Station hairpin turn at the Monaco Grand Prix.

Founded in 2015 by designer Hunter Craighill, Craighill is a design and manufacturing brand rooted in curiosity, ingenuity, and pleasure.

Titanium with PVD coating. Imported.

2.5 x 0.925 x 0.225 in. 

5 g.

$8.95 Flat-Rate Shipping Eligible

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