Sister Corita's Words and Shapes

By Jeanette Winter

From acclaimed picture book creator Jeanette Winter comes the little-known story of Sister Corita, a nun, educator, and activist who became a celebrated pop artist while creating works meant to inspire good in others.

Known by some as the Pop Art Nun, Sister Corita gained acclaim for her bold, graphic pop art that calls for peace, equality, and justice. At the age of eighteen, she entered the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart convent, where Sister Corita was encouraged to pursue her passion for art. She eventually earned her master’s degree and became an art teacher.

The pop art movement inspired her to create powerful screen-printed works dealing with political and moral issues from the 1950s to 1980s. Despite the diocese labeling her work as “blasphemous,” Sister Corita continued creating and fighting for what she believed was right.

Through her art, she called for an end to the Vietnam War and advocated for women’s rights, civil rights, and tolerance and love in a time of social upheaval. Her legacy as a teacher, activist, and artist with great creativity, compassion, and perseverance is sure to inspire young readers.

Hardcover, 48 pages, 2021.

8 x 9 in.

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