Leah Rosenberg Pinhole Colorwall 500 Piece Puzzle

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Leah Rosenberg's Pinhole Coffee Shop Wall puzzle is now exclusively available at SFMOMA! She created the wall for the beloved Bernal Heights Pinhole coffee shop and it's translated here onto this colorful 500 piece puzzle.

About the artist: Leah Rosenberg’s art practice spans painting, installation, sculpture, printmaking and food, focusing on the role of color in our lives, as well as its emotional and psychological impact.

Her work is being shown on the second floor of SFMOMA in two areas. First in the exhibition One Day at a Time: Susan O'Malley and Leah Rosenberg. And second in her second floor mural that's a part of the Bay Area Walls mural commissions.

About the mural...Leah Rosenberg’s mural grows in color, meaning, and texture each week through November. During weekly visits to the museum, the interdisciplinary artist adds a new layer of color using a palette of fifty hues inspired by San Francisco’s Sunset District and the work of late Bay Area artist Susan O’Malley, whose works are nearby in the concurrent exhibition One Day at a Time. Whether viewed while in progress or complete, the mural is an uplifting and poignant reminder of the everyday ways art can help us heal and honor those who change our lives and communities for the better.

500 pieces.

18 x 24" when completed.


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