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Keith Haring Dance Love Neon Light

Product Description

Celebrate dancing and celebrate love with this LED neon artwork from Yellowpop and Keith Haring's collaboration. With Haring's iconic imagery front and center, you can enjoy his playful and optimistic energy any day in any space. The surrounding neon heart contains LED lights and can be dimmed or brightened to match your energy.

Each sign is made of a neon flex material, consisting of PVC or Silicon piping with LED lights, that is mounted on a recycled acrylic board. These materials allow us to create realistic neon signs, with bright lights and intense color, while being more durable, affordable, and sustainable than traditional neon.

LED lights(consuming 6 times less energy than traditional lights)

100% recycled packaging, including removing all useless plastic. 


  • LED neon piece
  • Extension cable
  • Installation screw kit
  • Dimmer switch
  • Power supply

16 x 15 in.

3 Left

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$24.95 Flat-Rate Shipping Eligible

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