Do Sourdough

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By Andrew Whitley

One of the oldest yet perhaps the simplest and tastiest breads you can make, sourdough needs only flour, water, salt – and a little time. In Do Sourdough, Andrew Whitley – a baker for over 30 years who has 'changed the way we think about bread' – shares his simple method for making this deliciously nutritious bread at home. Having taught countless bread-making workshops, Andrew knows that we don't all have the time and patience to bake our own. Now, with time-saving tips – such as slotting the vital fermentation stage into periods when we're asleep or at work, this is bread baking for Doers.

Find out:

• The basic tools and ingredients you'll need

• How to make your own sourdough starter

• Simple method for producing wonderful loaves time and again

• Ideas and recipe suggestions for fresh and days-old bread

Paperback, 160 pages, 2014. 5 x 7 in.

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