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Fellow Clara French Press: Matte Black and Walnut

By Fellow

With nuanced details and upgraded features, this brewing process is easy, enjoyable, and the epitome of a coffee table centerpiece. Whether you want to dial in a French press recipe at breakfast or entertain a crowd with shrimp cocktail in one hand and Clara in the other, you will always end up with an elevated cup.

No scale? No problem. Load grounds up to the coffee line and hot water up to the water line. Clara's ratio lines take out the not-quite-awake-yet guesswork for the perfect 24 oz. batch every time. Bada bing, bada brew.

The all-directional pour lid is always open for business without needing to align the spout, while the oversized press feels like a dream in your palm. And because we do sweat the small stuff, we added an agitation stick to aid in extraction.

Go ahead. Stir the pot. Agitation disperses the coffee grounds for even extraction and balanced flavors.

Don’t let sludge and silt bum a ride into your mug. Clara’s enhanced filtration mesh brings out clean and complex flavors in a full-bodied brew. For easy clean up, make a dash for the compost bin and watch the slick interior coating go to work.

Insulated stainless steel maintains a consistent temperature throughout the brew for a better tasting cup of French press coffee.

Grounds and gunk begone. A non-stick interior makes clean-up a snap, so you can start sipping sooner.

Materials: Stainless steel body and filter, BPA-free plastic lid and handle, non-stick PTFE-coated interior (PFOA-free), walnut wooden press and handle

Coffee capacity: 24 oz.

Dimensions: 6.7 x 4.5 x 8 in. 

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