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City Radio: Black Stone

Designed by Pizzolorusso for Palomar

The City Radio is different from all existing radios because it offers a listening experience organized by city. 18 interchangeable keys with city names activate the radio stations of those cities in real-time.

By acting directly on the keys of Nairobi or Paris or Rio you can immediately connect to the LIVE radio stations of those cities and select and store your favorite radio frequencies.

In order to use The City Radio, it is necessary to download the specifically developed App which allows you to connect the radio to the Internet and to configure and modify the selection of cities. The App is available for Apple and Android.

• USB-C connector for charging
• Live radio
• Wireless 5W speaker
• Rechargeable lithium-ion battery 800 mAh
• Version BT 4.2
• 9+9 magnetic keys
• Automatic BT connection to the dedicated app

8 x 3 x 1 in.

$8.95 Flat-Rate Shipping Eligible

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