Bola Sphere Table Lamp: Matte Black

By Pablo Designs

The Bola Sphere Table fuses an elegant blown opal glass sphere with a mirrored disc reflector in polished stainless steel to give the illusion of a floating orb in space.

  • Warm Dim Blub
  • Fully Dimmable
  • Voltage: 120V 60Hz
  • Power consumption: 9.5W
  • Color temperature: 2200-2700K
  • Luminosity: 800 Lumens
  • Luminaire efficacy: 84 Lumens/Watt
  • Color Rendition Index: 85 CRI
  • 25K hour lifespan
  • Cable length: 6’ (1.8m)
8 in. sphere 9.5 in. base with a matte black finish.
$8.95 Flat-Rate Shipping Eligible

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