Bola Portable Lamp

Designed by Pablo Pardo + Pablo Studio

Based on the Bola Sphere Table 8, the Bola Lantern adds a premium leather handle and a rechargeable battery that enables a level of portability new to the Bola Family. Bola Lantern’s size and stature give a sense of presence that’s unfound with portables, while maintaining the lightness associated with the floating orbs that are Bola.

Bola Lantern makes for a beautiful light companion that can take center stage at social gatherings indoor or out while providing a warm ambiance that can set the scene for more intimate encounters with elegance and scale.

  • Black/Matte Black
  • Up to 280 Lumens of warm ambient light
  • 4-stage step dimming and full range dimming
  • 10-400hr battery life
  • 6-hour charge time (using 10W USB-A block, not included)
  • USB charging cable included

Materials: steel base, stainless steel reflector, opal glass globe, leather handle.

13 x 9 x 8.5 in.

$24.95 Flat-Rate Shipping Eligible

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