Mono Ring 24 Piece Flatware Set: Black

Designed by Peter Raacke and Mark Braun

Peter Raacke designed the iconic flatware experiment Mono Ring in 1962. Mono Ring was in the market for three decades and became a classic. Mark Braun, 47 years younger than Peter Raacke, only knew Mono Ring from design literature. He studied the original design intensively and reinterpreted it for its reintroduction.

Raacke’s idea of 1962 remains strong: flatware that does not need a drawer and does not have to be placed next to the plate. Instead, it hangs visibly and handy on a cross-shaped rack in the center of the table and diners around the table help them­selves. This invitation to self-service broke radically with the fine manners at the bourgeois table.

Today the rebellious table culture seems very natural. Mono Ring balances that rebellion with quality form, function, and materials. Mono Ring’s handle combines latest research and high-tech material. Hanging on the rack in the middle of the table – that is the proper place for Mono Ring at home, in diners, in cafeterias, in bistros, and in restaurants.

Stainless steel with food- and dishwasher-safe, temperature-resistant plastic. Weighted handles for comfort and balance.

Includes 6 each table fork, knife, table spoon and teaspoon, as well as 1 powder-coated steel display rack.

Rack 12" tall. Longest implement (knife) 9" long. Shortest implement (teaspoon) 6.5" long.

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