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Rose de Heer: Blue Platter

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This beautifully handmade oval platter shows off a rich, deep sea blue, with flecks of silvery slate grey and black. You'll find a rich black stripe in the center, where multiple dips in two glazes overlap.

Designed by Rose de Heer

Rose de Heer is a ceramicist based in San Francisco. She works in both stoneware and porcelain. Much of her inspiration comes from growing up in Honolulu, where she spent hours upon hours exploring the reefs full of corals, sea urchins, turtles and tropical fish. In many of her pieces there's a reflection of the sand and the ocean, and the natural geometry of marine creature, as she combines their organic forms with surface patterns.

Dishwasher safe. For enduring color, we recommend washing by hand. Oven safe up to 275 degrees.

*Please note that as these are handmade, each platter will vary slightly.

Handmade in San Francisco. Made of stoneware with a deep indigo glaze.

14" x 7" x .75"