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Pop & Go Pacifier Triple Pack

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It's doddle & co.'s  new pacifier designed for older babies 3+ months, designed to NOT pop when it drops - you can manually pop the nipple back into its bubble, for case-free carrying. With a firmer bubble, designed to hold its position even when baby plays with it. This gives you and active baby better control! 

No need for a case! Pinch the pacifier to tuck the nipple away to protect it from unwanted surface contact when you and baby are on the go. Designed to hold its position, even when baby plays with it or takes a break. Ideal when paired with a pacifier clip, simply pinch the sides to close it while baby wears it. Firm bubble is safe for teething babies.

Prior to using, sanitize The Pop & Go by boiling in water for 5 minutes. Rotate it in all directions to remove trapped water and allow to cool prior to use. Give it a shake to make sure all excess water is removed, particularly in areas that are harder to dry and reach (the inside of the nipple where water can get trapped, especially).

100% silicone. No lead, PVC, BPA, latex or phthalates.

Designed for older babies 3+ months.