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2019 SFMOMA Jewelry + Trunk Show

Don’t miss this spectacular two-day Jewelry Trunk Show!

When: Saturday, April 27, and Sunday April 28, 2019, 10 a.m.–4 p.m.

Where: SFMOMA, Gina and Stuart Peterson White Box, Floor 4

Admission: Your museum ticket grants you Trunk Show access Buy tickets here.

Browse beautiful pieces from the latest collections of your favorite jewelry, textile, and accessory designers, and discover new artists to add to your list. Twenty-four designers will unveil gorgeous new works not available at the Museum Store. Come by and pick up something extraordinary.

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Meet the Artists

These are the amazing designers whose jewelry, textiles, and accessories will be available for purchase at our Spring Trunk Show.

Agnes Ysselstein

Agnes Ysselstein, VSSEL / Bonny Doon

Agnes Ysselstein works from her garage studio up in the Santa Cruz Mountains. She hand crafts each leather bag using high quality leather. Drawing inspiration from nature and the city, her design philosophy is built on three principles: quality, utility and beauty.

Anna Monet

Anna Monet / San Francisco   

San Francisco jewelry designer Anna Monet found inspiration for her latest collection of eclectic statement jewelry in the natural beauty of life on the West Coast - combining her passion for metalsmithing and love of intentionally sourced, unique organic materials.

Charles Galatis

Charles Galatis, Mimbres / India and SE Asia

Charles Galatis was a fledgling ceramicist when he enrolled in a weaving class many years ago at Goddard College in Vermont. This limited training in traditional hand weaving sparked a life-long love affair with hand–crafted textiles. In 2009, inspired by a long-delayed return visit to N. India, he founded Mimbres with the aim of only producing work that is handcrafted and of a very high Caliber.

Colleen Mauer

Colleen Mauer, CMD / San Francisco, New York    SHOP NOW

CMD is a small jewelry design company founded by industrial designer Colleen Mauer. Each piece in the CMD collection is handcrafted with special care by a small team of production artists. Colleen designs using texture, color, and tones as tools to transform simple materials into unique pieces of jewelry, and celebrate simple geometries and organic forms.

Erica Rosenfeld

Erica Rosenfeld / Brooklyn 

Embracing the cultural histories of glassmaking, cooking and crafting, Erica Rosenfeld’s work celebrates community-centric, obsessive, labor-intensive ritual. Rosenfeld received a BA in Fine Art from Kenyon College. Her hybrid artistic practice has centered on the performative, sculptural and social aspects of glass and food-making.

Fernanda Sibilia

Fernanda Sibilia / Buenos Aires, Argentina    SHOP NOW

Fernanda is constantly researching and employing novel metalsmithing and jewelry making techniques. Like an alchemist in a lab, she manipulates bronze, copper and alpaca (a silver colored alloy) to create a rainbow of bold new colors and combinations. Today, Fernanda and her talented team of over 10 artisans continue to meticulously make, by hand, jewelry and home accessories out of a full production and design studio in Buenos Aires.


Cecilia and Andrea, FIBRA / Guatemala

The founders of FIBRA, Cecilia and Andrea are two proud Guatemalan women, lovers of design and passionate about playing with the infinite possibilities that exist in local materials, techniques, and objects. They love to play with traditional Guatemalan local objects, materials and techniques and repurpose them into contemporary pieces.

Heather Guidero

Heather Guidero / Providence, RI   

Heather Guidero’s collections are inspired by elements of modernist design and utilize recycled silver and high karat gold along with ethically sourced stones. Her fascination with movement and balance has resulted in dramatic yet innately wearable sculptures that come alive when worn. Each piece is hand made in her Providence studio by a team of skilled metalsmiths.

Julie Cohn

Julie Cohn / Dallas, Texas  

As a self-taught jeweler, her approach is unconventional in process and begins by working directly with materials rather than sketching a preconceived idea. She is inspired by the intersection of modern and primitive art, combining old world craft with mixed media processes. Her pieces are about possibilities for layering and stacking to create personal collages that uniquely juxtapose disparate elements with simple elegance.

Iskin Sisters

Gabriela and Karina, Iskin Sisters / Buenos Aires, Argentina

Iskin Sisters’ jewelry is designed and handmade in their atelier in Buenos Aires, exploring innovative materials in jewelry such as leather, acrylic, stainless steel, aluminum and textiles. Each piece is conceptual and meant to tell a story. Inspired by art, architecture, geometry, nature and their childhood, their collections connect art with design.

Kate Joseph

Kate Joseph / Forestville, CA

Kate Joseph’s lightweight and dynamic jewelry combines her love of painting and sculpture into wearable works of art. Each piece is handcrafted in her studio located in a redwood forest in Sonoma County, California.

Kent Stetson

Kent Stetson / Pawtucket, RI   

Since 2003 Kent Stetson has been making instantly-recognizable handbags. A chic and fun wardrobe staple, Kent Stetson's designs are enjoyed by celebrities and collectors worldwide.

Marja Germans Gard

Marja Germans Gard, MGG Studio / Bay Area   

Marja draws inspiration from sources as diverse as modernist sculpture and the curves of the female form when creating new collections. Pairing bold geometry with everyday ease, each handmade piece is notable for clean lines and striking details and is engineered to feel as good as it looks.

michelle mockiuti

Michele Mockiuti, Cu Au Atelier / Los Angeles    SHOP NOW

Brazilian-born Michele Mockiuti experiments with volumetric jewelry by contrasting mass and weightlessness, clashing finishes and mismatching shapes. Pieces in copper, silver, and brass showcase their journey by exposing the process and simply allowing beautiful materials to enact with their flaws and virtues.

Mira Blackman

Mira Blackman / Oakland   

Based in Oakland, CA, Mira Blackman uses all natural, handmade and heritage textiles for her one of a kind clothing for women and men. Each piece is inspired by the textiles themselves and are often made without the use of patterns.

Misty Marie Pedelaborde

Misty Marie Pedelaborde, Beijo Brasil / Sonoma

Since 2002, Misty Marie has distinctively defined Beijo Brasil throughout all of its incarnations, reveling in adorning herself, and the world, with an eclectic array of accouterments to match her spirit. This brand is inspired by art, culture and the natural world. Striving to keep the pieces on trend yet pay homage to the past.

owen mcinerney

Owen McInerney / San Francisco   SHOP NOW

Born and raised in Ireland, Owen was a software engineer in Silicon Valley before he began making jewelry. Owen’s designs are unique and inspired by what he sees around him every day. Most of his pieces are influenced by nature; above ground, in the skies, and below the seas.

philippa roberts

Philippa Roberts / Oakland    
Born in South Africa to a jewelry making family, Philippa was naturally drawn to working with metals and stones. Her signature look is simple, organic shapes combined with beautifully cut gemstones. Her love of the ocean plays a large role in the selection of clean, blue and green stones in many of her pieces.

Ravit Kaplan

Ravit Kaplan / San Francisco

Ravit Kaplan, is a San Francisco based jewelry designer and architect creating jewelry for women on the go who embrace a timeless style. Each piece is entirely handmade and inspired by architecture, focusing on the way forms interact with our body to create modern yet classically inspired designs.

Reiko Ishiyama

Reiko Ishiyama / New York City

Reiko, a native of Japan, graduated from Kwanseigakuin University with a degree in Japanese Art History specializing in the study of tea bowls. After pursuing a career as a sculptor, at the age of 39 Reiko took up life in New York City where she has lived ever since. Reiko’s new work in America was devoted to crafting jewelry, using exclusively silver and gold.

Sonja Fries

Sonja Fries, Sonja Fries Design / Brooklyn

Much like an architect, Sonja Fries designs a piece and then carefully picks the materials and starts fabricating , layer by layer. Her pieces combine elements of angular European minimalism with soft, feminine features. 

Tania Skevos

Tania Skevos / Oakland  

The Tania Skevos line of goods includes jewelry, sweaters, hats, quilts, rugs, ceramics, and whatever else she feels like getting into. Her work is the culmination of many years of collecting, traveling, and continuous experimentation with an array of techniques and materials.

Tara Brown

Tara Brown, Mind’s Eye Design / Sonoma    

Mind’s Eye Design is an independent jewelry company based in and inspired by the beauty of Northern California. Founded in 2015 with a commitment to sustainability, Tara creates minimalist designs that are both elegant and affordable.

Yen-Ting Cho

Yen-Ting Cho, YenTing Cho Studio / London    SHOP NOW

An artist, designer and curator, Yen-Ting designs his own digital software to create unique and dynamic contemporary patterns for luxury fashion accessories and interiors. Inspired by the natural world, his work blurs the boundaries between art, design and fashion.

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