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Hamburger Eyes: SF Eyes

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 Hat & Beard Press brings to you SF Eyes: The Continuing Story of Life, Loss, Tragedy, and Triumph in the City of San Francisco as Captured by the All-Seeing Lens of Hamburger Eyes Photography Magazine. This installment in the Hamburger Eyes canon chronicles San Francisco life and culture—what it is, what it was, and why it matters—from the beginning of the turn of the new century.

Edited by Clark Allen and Ray Potes

In 2001, Ray and David Potes began producing a black-and-white zine called Hamburger Eyes. Quickly gathering traction in the photo community, the photocopied booklets rapidly evolved into a monthly magazine. Quietly based in San Francisco’s Mission District, the Hamburger Eyes Photo Epicenter boasted coverage of “the continuing story of life on earth,” its maxim attracting tens of thousands of cult followers, photographers, and voyeurs from around the world.

Featuring contributions from Chris Beale, Jason Roberts Dobrin, Troy Holden, Kappy, Dylan Maddux, Alex Martinez, Mark Murrmann, David and Ray Potes, Ted Pushinsky, David Root, Andrea Sonnenberg, Stefan Simikich, David Uzzardi, Tobin Yelland, and many more.

Hardcover, 160 pages, 2019.

8.25" x 11"