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Hal Fischer: The Gay Seventies

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At once humorous, conceptually brilliant and visually enthralling, the photography of Hal Fischer is gathered here for the first time.

By Hal Fischer

Hal Fischer: The Gay Seventies is the first monograph to feature the complete set of photo-text works that Hal Fischer produced between 1977 and 1979 in San Francisco’s Haight and Castro neighborhoods. In addition to Gay Semiotics, Fischer’s best-known work (its recent facsimile edition now out of print), Hal Fischer: The Gay Seventies includes 18th Near Castro Street x 24, which was published as an artist’s book, Boy-Friends, A Salesman and two other series—Civic Center and Cheap Chic Homo.

Hardcover, 110 pages, 2019.
100 photographs.

10" x 12"