Demi Lamp

Designed by Mattias Stenberg for Design House Stockholm

“I wanted to find a new way to highlight the qualities of mouth-blown glass, and ironically the best way was to combine it with a fairly high-tech light source. Traditional glass products like formal stemware and art glass are kept standing on the shelf for most of the year. I didn't want to do that, I wanted to create a product that you can use every day.”

Mattias Stenberg has designed a glass sculpture illuminated from the inside, highlighting the brilliance of the mouth-blown glass and creating a warm ambient light. The two glass parts are made by hand using traditional methods.

An aluminum ring connects the two glass parts, equipped with an array of LEDs directed towards the center of the lamp, making the glass seem almost to glow by itself from the inside. The glass dome acts as a reflector, further enhancing the effect.

Handmade glass. Cast aluminum ring. LED array with silicone cover. 8' textile cord with high/low switch.

6" x 6" x 8.5"

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