Catchie Bibs Set of 2: Plum + Lilac

The Catchie Bib® by We Might Be Tiny is your long-term sanity saver from 6 months to 3 years old and not only keeps your little one’s favorite outfit stain-free but also gives you and your laundry soaker a well-deserved break.

The flexible and soft-to-touch finish turns your silicone baby bib into a neat little package after tasty café dates or playground picnics. Simply roll up your Catchie Bib® and slot it into your bag so you can ignore it until you’re back home.

Once your messy muncher has gobbled up their feast, simply rinse your silicone baby bib under warm running water or decide to get on with life and let your dishwasher take care of the aftermath.

Catchie Bibs® are made from the highest quality stain-resistant silicone and preserve their brand-new look after every wash.

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