SFMOMA Living Wall Tumbler

Perfect for coffee on the go, this tumbler features a print as bold as your beverage.

Our new Living Wall (the largest in the United States) boasts nearly 20,000 plants, including 21 native California plant species, and was designed by David Brenner. Its verdant, leafy look inspired a new line of products, illustrated by Andrew Gibbs, that weaves lush foliage through bold stripes that recall the museum’s Mario Botta-designed building and oculus.

Andrew Gibbs is an award-winning British graphic artist and designer otherwise known as SODAVEKT. His work reflects his passion for modernist logos, icons and nature.

Stainless steel with matte black finish. Plastic lid snaps open and closed so you can sip and reseal.

Holds 8 oz.

2.5 x 2.5 x 5.25 in.

$8.95 Flat-Rate Shipping Eligible

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