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Uni the Unicorn

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An original picture book about a unicorn from bestselling author Amy Krouse Rosenthal (Plant a Kiss).
By Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Brigette Barrager

In this clever twist on the age-old belief that there’s no such thing as unicorns, Uni the unicorn is told there’s no such thing as little girls! No matter what the grown-up unicorns say, Uni believes that little girls are real.

Somewhere there must be a smart, strong, wonderful, magical little girl waiting to be best friends. In fact, far away (but not too far), a real little girl believes there is a unicorn waiting for her.

This refreshing and sweet story of friendship reminds believers and nonbelievers alike that sometimes wishes really can come true.

Ages 4-8.

Hardcover, 48 pages, 2014.

7.9" x .3" x 11.2"