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The Museum Store’s Top 10 Sustainable Designs for 2023

Our commitment to choosing outstanding and environmentally friendly contemporary design continues, and our selection is growing! Here are our top new product picks and our latest books on sustainable design.

Gromeo x SFMOMA Living Wall

1. Gromeo

Love SFMOMA’s Living Wall? Bring it into your home with this exclusive SFMOMA Living Wall Edition of Gromeo™, a self-contained and easy to hang plant system.

Designed by the same experts at Habitat Horticulture who built and maintain our Living Wall, Gromeo comes fully planted with an assortment of the same low-light plants you’ll find at SFMOMA. Gromeo is handcrafted in San Francisco from eco-friendly and sustainable materials. The internal pocket system is made from recycled plastic bottles and designed to keep the plants hydrated and aerated. Simply pour water into the 1-gallon reservoir to keep your plants happy for 2 weeks. Available in two sizes.

 Floss Editions x Steps Coffee Everywhere Mug.

2. Floss Editions x Steps Coffee Everywhere Mug

Fun Fact: Our visitor (and staff!) favorite Everywhere Mugs are carbon neutral after just 22 uses (compared to a single-use plastic cup). Visit Steps Coffee on Floor 2 to see the joyful art that inspired the newest addition to our only-at-SFMOMA Everywhere Mug collection. Oakland’s Floss Editions have covered the walls and windows in rainbows, flowers, and quirky characters, all in their rich colors and instantly recognizable style. 

Lomi Food Composter

3. Lomi Food + Waste Composter

Backyard composting can be difficult or impossible for some households. Enter Lomi, the odor-free and mess-free solution to keeping food waste out of landfills. Transform your food scraps and coffee grounds into nutrient-rich soil at the push of a button! At just 16 x 12 x 13 inches, Lomi fits on most counter tops.

Architectural Interlocking Block Set

4. Interlocking Blocks: Architectural Set

There is much more than meets the eye behind this beautiful set of blocks designed by a speech language pathologist at lowercase toys. All toys created by this woman-owned company are designed for open-ended play and made in the U.S.A. at their Milwaukie, WI studio. lowercase works closely with other Milwaukee-based businesses to meet their printing and die-cutting needs. Conscious of their environmental impact, their products are made from felt that has been manufactured from recycled water bottles, and they have eliminated first- and single-use plastic from their products and packaging. Working towards zero-waste production methods, they donate felt off-cuts to maker spaces at local middle schools.

Basquiat in Italian Skateroom Triptych

5. Basquiat in Italian Triptych Skateboards

Designed by The Skateroom in collaboration with the Fondation Louis Vuitton, this edition features the work of Jean-Michel Basquiat. The Skateroom is a certified B Corp with a commitment to sustainability and social good. The Skateroom works exclusively with Grade A Maple from certified sustainable forests in Canada, uses water-based ink for its prints, and has been CO2 neutral since 2016.

Baggu Crescent Tote: B+W Pixel Gingham

6. Baggu Crescent Bag

Sustainability has been part of Baggu’s mission since the woman-owned company first started in San Francisco in 2007. The Medium Crescent Bag exterior is produced from 59% recycled nylon, and the interior lining is 100% recycled nylon. Baggu's nylon filament yarn is produced from pre-consumer waste, which means they are saving scrap material from being landfilled, and in turn helping to conserve petroleum resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


7. Toadstool

Designed by Tender Leaf Toys, this sturdy, solid wood stool is painted to look just like a woodland toadstool, and built to last. Tender Leaf Toys uses reclaimed rubberwood in all its products, and is committed to replanting 100% of the trees they use for production. They have been awarded the ICTI Ethical Toy Program seal of approval for their ethical and sustainable supply chain.

Goodnight, SF Pajamas and kid wearing pjs on blue background.

8. Goodnight, SF Pajamas

Designed by Smaller Things, a purpose-driven company that prioritizes the planet and fun through earth-friendly materials.  Using only organic cotton which is grown without the use of pesticides and insecticides, and, unlike bamboo, is manufactured without the use of harsh, harmful chemicals, Smaller Things pajamas are durable and comfy,  built to last, and can be handed down.

Shashibo puzzle cube in Confetti colorway.

9. Shashibo

This award-winning puzzle toy is a great way to boost creativity, relax and get away from technology. Each magnetic puzzle turns into 70 geometric shapes, for hours of play. Shashibo is made out of 100% recycled ABS plastic which is recyclable at the end of its life, as are the 36 rare earth magnets within each Shashibo.

Motli USB Lighter + Flashlight in Terrazzo colorway.

10. The Motli Light

Americans throw away over 350 million lighters each year! The USB Lighter Company, utilizing ARC technology derived from the Tesla coil, has designed a lighter meant to last. It charges easily through a USB port and requires no butane gas. The Motli Light also features a bright LED flashlight, making this the perfect tool for camping, emergency kits, birthday parties and more.


Required reading:

Future Homes cover and interior spread.

Future Homes: Sustainable Innovative Design

By Avi Friedman

An inspiring look into the possibilities of living more sustainably using new designs and modern technology. Illustrated in full color, Future Homes examines nearly 30 projects from across the globe that have devised a new method of thinking about residential homes. This book provides important examples of ways to meet the global challenges by using innovative concepts and practices, leading to a transformation of how residences will appear in the years to come.

Not Too Late: Changing the Climate Story

Edited by Rebecca Solnit and Thelma Young-Lutunatabua

Not Too Late brings strong climate voices from around the world to address the political, scientific, social, and emotional dimensions of the most urgent issue human beings have ever faced. Accessible, encouraging, and engaging, it's an invitation to everyone to understand the issue more deeply, participate more boldly, and imagine the future more creatively.

In concise, illuminating essays and interviews, Not Too Late features the voices of Indigenous activists, such as Guam-based attorney and writer Julian Aguon; climate scientists, among them Jacquelyn Gill and Edward Carr; artists, such as Marshall Islands poet and activist Kathy Jeñtil-Kijiner; and longtime organizers, including The Tyranny of Oil author Antonia Juhasz and Emergent Strategy author adrienne maree brown. Not Too Late is a guide to take us from climate crisis to climate hope.

Reclaimed book cover and interior spread.

Reclaimed: New Homes From Old Materials

By Penny Craswell

Considering the many options for reusing building materials, this book offers a viable alternative to using those manufactured from virgin resources. This inspiring book is an antidote to the use of unsustainable materials, focusing on contemporary homes made with reused components or materials that might once have been considered waste. Divided into four key categories—brick, timber, metal, and a range of recycled materials—every home showcases design ingenuity and award-winning architecture.

Shop our Sustainable Design collection to discover more products and books that our buyers have chosen for their innovative use of materials and environmental impact. Thank you for shopping at the Museum Store, where every purchase directly supports SFMOMA’s exhibition and education programs.