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SFMOMA Holiday Makers Market

Holiday Makers market hero image

The SFMOMA Museum Store is delighted to present the first annual SFMOMA Holiday Makers Market, a unique one-day event that brings together a curated selection of more than twenty local designers and artisans. Join us for an artistic holiday shopping experience and explore one-of-a-kind gifts created by talented local artisans.

While the Museum Store member discount does not apply to this special event, members who attend can collect a free screen-printed tote bag!

Sunday, Dec 3, 2023
10 a.m.–5 p.m.
Floor 1, Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Atrium
Floor 2, Helen and Charles Schwab Hall

• This event is free and open to the public
• Museum admission is not required
• The Museum Store member discount does not apply to this special event
• This will be a cashless event
• Free holiday photo booth with decorating stations
• Kids activities available from 10-1 pm


Participating Vendors

Abacus Row | Jewelry

Abacus Row Designer and Jewelry

San Francisco based designer Christine Trac founded Abacus Row, her line of beaded jewelry in 2012. She views jewelry as objects of culture and identity and approaches her work as a way of expressing subtle yet distinct narratives.


Anchovy | Jewelry

Anchovy jewelry designer and her designs

Anchovy is a raw pearl jewelry line that embraces the magic of imperfect beauty. Founded by Lithuanian designer Giedre Kose, Anchovy’s jewelry pieces are hand made by Giedre while surrounded by deer, kids and giant fern trees.


Anne Gates Studio | Ceramics and Soft Goods

Anne Gates Studio - Designer Portrait and Products

Anne Gates designs pieces with longevity in mind. Quality is very important to her and her goal is to make things that feel good. Her intention is for her pieces to be used, loved, and passed down through generations. Thoughtfully handcrafted in San Francisco, these soft goods and ceramics are sure to become modern family heirlooms.

Sustainability is at the forefront of Ann Gates design pieces. All ceramics are made in a studio that recycles clay and is conscious of water usage. All throws and coats are made of 100% recycled cotton.


Babylon Burning | Screen printing

Babylon Burning - People and Product Photos

On December 3, 2022 there was a devastating fire at 63 Bluxome St. that forced us to relocate from our beloved home of 30+ years. Thankfully, through the support of our community, we found a new home at 939 Howard Street!

Our clientele includes hundreds of loyal well-known local businesses – from bars and restaurants to public schools and nonprofits – including 826 Valencia, McSweeney’s, Lucky 13, Toronado, Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), SF Bike Coalition, KALW Public Radio, George Washington High School, SFMOMA Museum Store, and Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy.


béo | Handcrafted Sculptural Soaps

Beo Issue Soap - Products and People

béo soaps are handcrafted in small batches and made to order in San Francisco by artist Gama Hsu. Their soaps are composed only of natural minerals to enhance the cleansing experience while featuring natural earthy colors. The aromas are infused with essential oils that lift, calm, and balance mood. béo aims to accentuate delight and joy.


By Shawna Chan | Illustration, Ceramics and Murals

Shawna Chan portrait, process and product images

Originally from Singapore with an MFA in character animation, Shawna is a multidisciplinary artist based in Oakland, CA, whose work draws on a blend of her Peranakan cultural roots and her experiences as an immigrant to the United States. She is recognized for her vibrant yet muted color palette and her graphic shapes that tell stories through images.


Case for Making | Handmade watercolor paints and letterpress watercolor paper goods

Case for Making -Shop Photos

Case for Making is an art supply shop and producer of handmade watercolors in the Outer Sunset of San Francisco. Their line of watercolors is made in-house by a small team of amazing folks, and presented alongside their Case for Making watercolor paper products, brushes, and a curated selection of their favorite creative supplies. Their watercolors are super saturated and rich, consisting of the best pigments they can find and mixed with their house-made, all-natural watercolor medium.


Centinelle | Accessories

Centinelle artist and products

Unique scarves and fine goods sprinkled with fantasy, memory & myth, illustrated by hand & based in California, born in Mexico City.

Centinelle scarves are sourced in luxurious silk, printed with eco-friendly dyes and readily biodegradable after its useful life so has a very low environmental impact.  Each scarf can be passed generation to generation and becomes a vintage piece on your wardrobe.


Daniel Vu | Ceramic tableware

Daniel Vu and his ceramics

Daniel Vu is a tableware-focused ceramicist living in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

His pieces are created for both restaurants and home use with durability and functionality in mind. With a combination of industrial and handmade techniques, he is able to produce work that is precise as well as unique. The shapes and colors of each piece are designed to reflect his experience of meals shared in different environments.


Darolyn Barber | Ceramic Home Goods

Darolyn Ceramics

Darolyn Barber is a ceramic artist/ teacher who lives and works in San Francisco. Darolyn’s work is handmade, and each piece is one of a kind. Her work features a wide variety of color, texture, and form. Darolyn’s work is inspired by both geometric and architectural forms. Darolyn creates functional pieces with a sculptural feel that are meant to bring beauty into your home and your life.


Frankie Likes | Sustainable Children's Products

Frankie Likes Baby Products - Family and infant playing with products

Frankie Likes is a family-run business in the Bay Area devoted to soothing the gums of teething tots while encouraging motor and sensory development. Raising their daughter, Frankie, motivated them to curate nomable teethers made of sustainable materials. With a simple aesthetic, they aim to help little ones find comfort in their drooliest moments.


Kristina Micotti | Accessories

Kristina Micotti - Portrait and Product

Kristina Micotti is an illustrator and designer from the San Francisco Bay Area. Micotti’s collaboration with SFMOMA celebrates Joan Brown’s iconic colors and creatures, and explores the rich legacy of San Francisco painters.


Mi Cocina | Denim Kitchen and Table Goods

Mi Cocina / UBI - Designer and Products

The demands of parenthood and the beauty of Sea Ranch inspired Ubi Conrad Simpson’s journey from denim apparel–industry expert to creator of his own kitchen and dining textile line, Mi Cocina. The San Francisco–based designer incorporates the minimalist aesthetics of Sea Ranch architecture, characterized by simplicity and functionality, into his products which are ethically produced in California.


Marigold Row | Scarves

marigold Row textile Detail

Since 2007, Marigold Row has been your direct source for curated, limited edition fine textiles, all near San Francisco, USA. Our discerning clientele seeks unique collector's pieces with enduring charm. Our product lines blend the artistry of artisans in quaint villages with the innovation of renowned designers from India's bustling cities. Just as celebrations infuse life with joy and love, the iconic marigold flower graces every Indian festivity. At Marigold Row, we honor craftspeople and their traditions by delivering their highest-quality creations to you.


MUR | Accessories


Mür by Ayça is an art brand dedicated to spreading joy, established in 2019 by artist Ayca Kilicoglu in San Francisco, California. Ayca is a Turkish-born entrepreneur who finds inspiration everywhere to design collections that ooze energy and joie de vivre! As a brand, Mür creates small batch, made to last, timeless pieces for your closet and home.


People I've Loved | Stationery and Gifts

Carissa Potter - Artist and Products

Artist Carissa Potter founded People I’ve Loved in 2011. People I've Loved’s objects, cards, prints, paintings, and books are meant to facilitate connection between people and help them have authentic, sometimes difficult conversations. Giving in to nostalgic thoughts, buried longings, and hope for the future—People I’ve Loved embraces the whole range of human emotion. They revel in the grey areas and want to make space for your tears and your joy, in equal measure. They are in search of the miraculous-yet-tragic definition of what it means to exist in this time and space.


Philippa Roberts | Jewelry

Philippa Roberts portrait process and product photos

Philippa Roberts’ jewelry studio was founded in San Francisco in 1996 and evolved into a retail shop and studio in Oakland 10 years later. Philippa draws inspiration from architecture, interior design, and nature. Philippa Roberts Jewelry is made using sterling silver and vermeil combined with beautifully cut gemstones. Favorites stones include aquamarine, labradorite, topaz, and green amethyst, but the list could go on and on. 

Philippa’s goal is to make simple, timeless jewelry that can be worn and enjoyed everyday.  Each piece is handcrafted by a team of artisans in her studio in Oakland.


Plunge | Cotton Terrycloth Towels

Plunge Towels - people and product shots

Founded by Jessica Thornton Murphy in San Francisco, Plunge collaborates with artists to create a collection of usable artworks in terrycloth: cotton towels for the beach or the home that are designed by local and emerging talent, jacquard-woven by one of the last remaining manufacturers in the USA, and never mass-produced. Limited editions for art lovers and gourmet bathers alike.


Robert Saltonstall | Hand-turned wood objects for the home

Robert Saltonstall - Portrait of the artist and his candleholders

Robert Saltonstall is an Oakland-based artist with a background in painting and sculpture, construction, and cabinet-building. Most recently he has been building objects with a focus on humor and pleasure. Each object is based on a general design that is improvised on the lathe. He committed to sourcing domestic wood and putting investment back into the East Bay community.


Roop | Jewelry

Roop Jewelry - the artists, her process and a product

Roop Jewelry is a jewelry brand created by self-taught South Asian-American designer, Shilpi Tomar.

She's based in Oakland where she crafts dreamy pieces with a dash of luxury, a dose of whimsy, and bold, saturated colors.


Shape & Color | Jewelry

Shape And Color - Designer and Products

Anna London is a designer and artist living in Alameda, California. She started making earrings in November 2020 as a way to stay sane during the pandemic, and hasn't stopped since. This is how Shape & Color was started. Anna loves creating and hopes that the joy it brings her is passed on to everyone who wears her earrings. Everything at Shape & Color is designed, made by hand, and packaged with love in her sunny studio (with the help of her two cats.)


Suga | Jewelry

Suga Jewelry - Designer and Earrings

SUGA Jewelry was launched in 2013 in San Francisco, California. Unique and original yet sophisticated, each piece is handcrafted with care using traditional techniques, precious metals, and colorful glass beads. SUGA creates modern designs that make your daily life delightful.


Summer Solace Tallow | Skincare and Home Goods

Summer Solace - Designer and Products

Established in spring 2014 by organic chef and gardener Megan Bre Camp in Oakland, California, Summer Solace Tallow is a small family-owned business dedicated to producing slow-made, deeply nourishing organic tallow-based skincare and home goods.

Megan is deeply committed to sustainable living. With indigenous roots in the Central Highlands of Vietnam and the Filipino countryside, Megan has a respect for animals and the environment and a strong spiritual connection to nature woven into her genetic makeup. She is dedicated to reviving traditional techniques in all facets of her work, embracing the Bay Area's seasonal shifts, and prioritizing organic and locally sourced ingredients.


Taulis | Leather Goods

Taulis Leatherworks - Designer and leather bags

Taulis is a small leather workshop based in Oakland, CA. Taulis products are handmade using traditional leatherworking techniques, utilizing fine leathers from across the globe.