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Environmental Sustainability by Design

Environmental Sustainability by Design

As part of an institution-wide initiative to examine the environmental impact of our processes, the Museum Store is working behind the scenes to improve all aspects of our business, from vendor and product selection to order shipping. While it will take time to implement and measure the effects of our efforts, we would like to highlight some of our current products chosen for their sustainable design, as well as our newest related architecture and design titles.

Green Architecture for a Sustainable Future Edited by Cayetano Cardelus

Green Architecture for a Sustainable Future, edited by Cayetano Cardelus

Interest in ecological and sustainable practices in how we live and conduct our lives has continued to grow over the past several decades, and creating a greener future is now at the forefront of today’s architecture design. This book showcases thirty international architects and their ideas and contributions to green architecture.

Pronto Measuring Cups by EKOBO

Pronto Measuring Cups, designed by Emiliana Design Studio for EKOBO

EKOBO is a French brand that launched its first line of bamboo products in 2003. In 2010, the company developed its own signature BIOBU® bamboo fiber productsmade with fifty percent raw bamboo waste collected from chopstick factories and fifty percent non-toxic food-grade melamine, which serves as a binding agent. Bamboo is a highly renewable natural resource that doesn't require any fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides to thrive, and the food-safe melamine binding resin makes their products durable, reusable, and dishwasher safe. Together they provide a real alternative to traditional plastic and single-use products.

Karst Stone Paper Sketchbooks

Stone Paper Sketchbooks by Karst

Karst is a Certified B Corporation based in Sydney, Australia. B Corps™ are businesses that meet the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. Our buyers selected Karst for their innovative Karst Stone Paper™, an alternative to traditional pulp paper that uses no trees, water, wastes, acids, or bleaches to produce, delivering the brightest and smoothest paper available on the market. This waterproof paper has a sixty percent lower carbon footprint than standard wood pulp paper, and Karst plants a tree for every purchase through One Tree Planted.

Us & Our Planet by Phaidon Press and IKEA

Us & Our Planet, edited by Maisie Skidmore

Phaidon Press and IKEA teamed up to publish this new book to explore the small things we can do to transform the world we share. The book introduces everyday people — activists, artists, athletes, and gardeners from New York to Nigeria, Bali to Beirut — who are finding new ways to live more sustainably.
Their stories will inspire you to make changes, big and small.  

glass straws in warm set of 4 designed by Poketo

Glass Straws, designed by Poketo

Available in a warm- or cool-toned set of four, these reusable glass straws are durable enough to take anywhere. Environmentally sustainable and compact, these straws fight single-use plastic waste culture one sip at a time, and are made with Broscillate glass, which is resistant to thermal shock.

Bigger Than Tiny, Smaller Than Average by Sheri Koones

Bigger Than Tiny, Smaller Than Average by Sheri Koones

This book provides inspiration and answers for people wanting to live more sustainably in a smaller house, while also respecting the environment and saving money on energy and maintenance. Small house options and related dwellings featured in the book include homes in Sea Ranch, Sonoma, and San Francisco.

Primary Morph Ripstop Tote, designed by Glob

Made from 100% recycled polyester, Morph  transforms from a packable pouch to a formidable super tote. Featuring an oversized interior and six exterior pockets, this tote can take you from a sizable grocery run to a day at the park or beach. Each durable, water-resistant, and quick-drying Morph is made from ten recycled plastic bottles!

Canopy Trio of Recycled Glass Vases by LSA

Canopy Trio Vase Set by LSA

Winner of a 2021 Green GOOD DESIGN Award, the Canopy Trio vase set is mouth blown from 100% recycled glass in Poland. Locally sourced clear jars and bottles are sorted, crushed, and heated in the furnace until molten, then a glassblower gathers, shapes, and blows the molten glass into a mold to form the three mini vases.

 Good by Design book by Victionary

Good by Design: Ideas for a Better World, edited by Victionary

With ongoing global health crises, environmental destruction, and socioeconomic disparities, it’s important for each of us to do everything we can for the generations to come. Design has been, and will always be, a crucial tool in this regard. Whether it’s through campaigns that rally for action, posters that raise awareness, or products that actually change bad habits, designers combine creativity, craft, and compelling visuals to materialize concepts that can transform the way we live. Good by Design  collates the best projects and insights to inspire those who wish to do good, but also hope for all in a better tomorrow.

Candle platter with candles on a coffee table

Candle Platter by British Colour Standard

British Colour Standard is committed to fair trade and care for its artisans and the environment. The Candle Platter, made in India from powder-coated steel, is recyclable. Plus, one hundred percent of the company's product packaging is composed of unbleached, unlaminated kraft board which is easily recycled and as important to them as the products inside.

SFMOMA x Carissa Potter Move Mug by Fellow in front of Living Wall

Carissa Potter x SFMOMA Move Mug, designed by Fellow

There are so many reasons why we love this product! Of course, taking your own cup on the go is the best way to keep disposable alternatives out of landfill, but why this mug in particular? Designed by San Francisco’s Fellow, the Move Mug is leakproof, has a splashguard and a ceramic interior that keeps coffee tasting fresh, and is double-vacuum insulated to keep drinks hot for twelve hours and cold for twenty-four hours. This version features Bay Area artist Carissa Potter’s playful interpretation of SFMOMA’s Living Wall, the museum’s landscape of native California plants that is watered with recirculating storm runoff. For us, this is perfectly captures SFMOMA’s and the Museum Store’s commitment to supporting Bay Area art, design, and environmental sustainability.